Ripoh Engineering Sdn Bhd was established since 15-2-2009 with the aim to produce and provide our customer with a good quality product and satisfaction services of high standard at competitive price level. Our company currently produce a wide range of custom-made body builder hydraulic equipment system. Ripoh's mission is to provide a sophisticated waste disposal mechanism in Malaysia no matter in recycle field, waste disposal management field or construction field.

About Us

Commitment to Progress

By maintaining the highest levels of quality assurance, our dedication and professionalsim has led us to be one of the leading engineering and manufacturing company for waste management equipment in Malaysia.

Meeting Customer's Need

In todays`s fast paces world, we need to provide customers with the right solution to their specific need promptly. By consistently delivering our commitments,we are able to build strong relationships with our customers.

Valuable Company Assets

Throughout the years, we have been continously improving our R&D and manufacturing processes as well as expanding our technical expertise in order to create a great experience in all products we are building.

Scrap Metal

Waste Management

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Hook Lift

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Open Bin

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Refuse Compactor

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Mobile Compactor

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Car carrrier & Tow Truck

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